The list of Eligible / Ineligible candidates to appear for Computer Based Test examination against E.N.No.01/2018 (GDCE-JE) is published in the RRC website (www.rrchubli.in). The candidates may verify their application status for their eligibility / ineligibility to appear for CBT examination in the website by entering their Registration No. and Date of Birth. The eligible candidates for the examination are hereby advised to treat this is an alert notice to be in readiness for the CBT examination.

Any discrepancies/errors noticed by the candidates regarding their application status, may represent to the concerned designated verifying officer of the Divisions/Units to the following e-mail ID’s on or before 20.07.2018 clearly indicating candidates Registration No.

Sl. No. Division/Unit E-mail ID
1. HQrs. & TMO/YPR gdcehqrs@gmail.com
2. UBL apoeubl@gmail.com
3. SBC gdcesbc@gmail.com
4. MYS gdcemys@gmail.com
5. UBLS & GSD/UBL wpoubls@gmail.com
6. MYSS & GSD/MYS wpomyss@gmail.com
7. RWF/YNK apo1@rwf.railnet.gov.in
8. CN/BNC dycpocn.swr@gmail.com

Please note that the discrepancies/errors noticed by the candidates will not be considered if the same is submitted to concerned verification officers after the scheduled due date.

The candidates considered as eligible after resolving their grievance/rectifying the error will not be given any extension of time for preparation for CBT examination and this may be treated as alert notice to be in readiness for the CBT examination.

For any doubts/clarifications, the candidates may ‘contact us’ on the helpline numbers mentioned in the RRC website.


Registration No:
Date of Birth :

Note:-Slow Internet Connection is not recommended while submitting the Online Application. Please ensure that you are using atleast a minimum of 1-MBPS Internet Speed/Connection before uploading/Submitting any information.

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